Amazon Music for Artists: Understanding Your Data

Let's break down each piece of data within the Amazon Music for Artists App. At the top of the screen you can choose to see numbers from the last 24 hours, 7 days, 28 days or since 2018. You can also choose a custom date range in the dropdown menu at the top of the screen.

Total Streams = total number of streams for the artist.

Total Listeners = total number of individual users that have listened to one or more songs from the artist.

Top albums = albums with the highest number of streams.

Top songs = songs with the highest number of streams.

Sources of streams = where the streams are coming from.

  • Stations: radio stations created by Amazon Music, or started by a user based on the artist or a song by the artist.
  • Amazon Playlists: editorial playlists curated by Amazon Music staff.
  • User Libraries and Playlists: users that have saved or liked your music, also those playing it within their own playlists they curate.
  • Search and Browse: users that find you on Amazon Music's dashboard suggestions or in search results.

Fans & Superfans = two unique groups of listeners.

  • Fans: more than 50% of your streams come from these individuals.
  • Superfans: a smaller, more active group that provide more than 33% of your overall streams. In this image, 3 people alone are streaming this artist so much that they contribute over 33% of the total streams alone. If someone receives an email from Amazon Music telling them they are a Superfan of yours and they tell you, it may be worth sending them a merch pack!

Top Countries = limited to the last 60 days. This shows you the top countries by number of individual listeners.

Daily Voice Index = compares voice requests (to Alexa) to other artists to see how popular the artist currently is.

Total Voice Requests = how many people have requested the artist via Alexa.

Voice Request Details = how people are requesting the artist, whether it is by name, album name, song title or by singing some lyrics.

Featured In Playlists = Amazon Music editorial playlist placement and total number of streams delivered from each playlist. If a playlist is available in more than one country you will seethe country codes as well (e.g. AU for Australia and NZ for New Zealand).

Featured In Stations = radio stations created by Amazon Music, or started by a user based on the artist or a song by the artist. This can also include automatically generated stations for users such as "My Likes" which is based on songs and artists the user has liked.

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