Frequently Asked Questions

Work Hard Playlist Hard seems different, what changed?

Work Hard Playlist Hard has transitioned into a true online resource in the form of a blog, courses, the book, podcast and much more.

The focus on WHPH is now purely on education and showing artists what they can do to grow their career long term.

How can I get in contact?

Social media links are in the footer of this page. Students can use the 'comment' feature to ask questions while in a course.

What happened to the Submit Music page?

Music submissions were distracting from the goal of WHPH. To educate and inform artists on what they need to do to grow their presence on streaming platforms. After much thought and careful consideration, we made the decision to remove the submission portal.

Thank you to all of the curators who participated and helped many artists to reach a new audience.

Are you a curator?

If you are a curator looking for an opportunity to receive submissions for your playlist and get paid for listening here are three options that you can check out. 

Playlist Push - Curator sign up - click here

SubmitHub - Curator sign up - click here

MySphera - Curator sign up - click here.